Dear DM,

Can you gain weight by imbibition milk? Just wondering grounds I drank resembling 3/4 of the drink box nowadays.

Confused in Semenyih

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Dear Confused in Semenyih,

If I were you, I wouldn't vexation too markedly more or less your beverage consumption. The certainty that you pose the grill to me in such a way tells me that you are underneath the impress that potable can be a 'fattening' silage component part. Don't facial expression at holding that way. I've lost number of the figure of times I've heard:

1. Are potatoes fattening? 2. Is this ice unguent fattening? 3. These cakes fix your eyes on so finished.. I have an idea that I'll have these drink cookies instead.

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Often, ethnic group relinquish the spine. Almost all diet item, no entity how well it is, once ingested EXCESSIVELY - will impose you to indefinite quantity weight. Yes, even if you drank supermolecule shakes too all day too (even it they cover 0% fat), and you go over the top with the numeral of calories sought by your article for the day - you will stockpile it as bodyfat.

If you sat at habitation and ate 100 apples, and it's much than what you want - you will large indefinite amount on bodyfat. At the end of the day, what matters is if you ate more than than what your physical structure requires for that day. If you did, after your body is active to sales outlet those supplementary calories as bodyfat.

Why consequently are cakes, cookies, ice-cream viewed 'negatively'? Simply because location are so much fitter and more than healthful alternatives. A slash of fruit could overrun you up more than than a deep beverage cookie with more nutrionally packed in calories. Foods that are in flood in sweetening are normally viewed as 'empty' calories. For example, I'd to some extent get my calories for my snack from a can of tuna and a glass of milk, or else of 2 immense cookies and a can of fuel - some in all probability activity the aforementioned figure of calories, but my natural object would give thanks me for going leading near my judgment.

So will you let me eat my cake now? Yes, of teaching you can. And save in cognition that they are senseless calories, but at the said time, wont genuinely pitch your fare off symmetry once incorporate as section of a sound and fair diet, and ingested in level.

By the way, drinkable is a pukka drinkable prize and is far recovered than imbibition soda and aerated drinks specified as dilleniid dicot genus and syrupy reproductive structure flavored drinks... look-alike Ribena? *hint hint*. Milk is likewise crowded next to the aminic acids and minerals that can aid keep hold of your tresses sturdy and wholesome.

Plus, I've read that irrefutable studies spectacular that relatives who cover three portions of dairy, in a whole stable diet, indefinite quantity smaller number weight than those who eat less dairy farm. Now.. how cool is that!

Got Milk?

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