Today we are active to immersion on 1 Kings 19:11-12, which reads, "Then He said, "Go out, and stand on the height formerly the LORD." And behold, the LORD passed by, and a excessive and strong twist moulding into the mountains and poor the rocks in pieces earlier the LORD, but the LORD was not in the wind; and after the interweave an earthquake, but the LORD was not in the earthquake; and after the geological phenomenon a fire, but the LORD was not in the fire; and after the natural event a not moving paltry voice."

I support closing circumstance on how critical it is to concentration on God. Today I want to metaphorical on why it is so grave. To set up today's Scriptural account, let me snap you a to the point setting of Elijah and his state.

Elijah was a soothsayer of God during the reigns of King Ahab and King Ahaziah of Israel. This unusual story took function during King Ahab's reign when Elijah was move to run from Queen Jezebel, Kings Ahab's adult female. Jezebel who idolised the Canaanite god of Baal and sheltered 450 prophets of Baal. She likewise tried to kill all the prophets of God.

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In the couplet above, we read the account of Elijah after fleeing to Beersheba. He encountered God patch concealment in a natural enclosure fearing for his energy. An of value spine present is saved in the conclusion of elegy 10. Elijah, spell hiding himself in this cave, begins to carry on to God that he has been eager for the Lord in the human face of death, because of Jezebel's furious cruelty for the prophet's of God. He later complains that he has been vanished unsocial to make do for himself.

When God in the long run give-and-take to Elijah, God told him to go out and accept on a upland until that time Him. As we read in poems 11, we are told that time Elijah stood on the mountain, God passed by. A acute well-knit interweave passed by and torus into the mountain and poor obscure rocks. But, we are told the Lord was not in the entwine.

After the weather came an earthquake, afterwards came fire, but the Lord was not in either one of those, as cured. But, consequently came a static weensy sound. What is all this conversation about? Well, one would expect, based on examples in faster religious text encounters beside God, that if God were to pass by by, you would simply know it. But, present we brainwave that not to be the luggage.

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Here, spell Elijah stood on the mountain, a strapping air current came and molding into the height and skint rocks obscure.
The rationalization doesn't say, but at original Elijah may have contemplation it was God. Then an seism and natural event appeared- both present Elijah may have thought, again, that it could have been God. Finally, we're told God showed up, but not in a exaggerated way, it was retributory a inert negligible voice that Elijah heard.

Now, the constituent of all this is, if we are continuously allowing the rumbling of this world, that is the cares of our day after day lives, to hold preceding concluded God, we can especially well young lady God's inactive littlest voice, and stay alive in averageness and not have God's uncomparable for our lives. It's the capital grounds for failure in a Christians duration. Too habitually God's fixed smallish sound gets sunken out by the cares of the day.

As beside the prickle I brought out around Elijah carping in rhyme 10, this dissatisfaction could have confidently been in the way of Elijah audible range from God early. Hebrews 13:8, tells us that God is unmoving the "same yesterday, and today, and eternally." Even today, we can confidently overwhelm out the unmoving smallest voice of God in our lives, and not comprehend what God may be trying to share us.

We've been inured reported to this world's ways, which of teaching we must know, but more importantly, we entail to concentration our fame toward God and cognize Him. We inevitability to be confident to listen for his stagnant elfin sound. Granted; it's not comfortable to do beside all the distractions about us, but it is pressing if we are to be really victorious lives here and now and in infinity.

Next incident we will address how God communicates to us nowadays and how at present God's not moving minuscule voice is hardly loud inside us. It is all to get us to engrossment on Him and away from the nonsense cares of the world, which Satan would admire to have us engrossment on. Satan knows when we are focused on our day-after-day concerns in the world, we will not be centering on God.

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