Airsoft games are fun and tickling scheme games. There are 5 commonly compete games. Each one has their own challenges and set of rules to hound.


This halt is wherever one player is elected to be the hunted and the pause of the players are the hunters. The objective for the afraid is to receive it to a guaranteed lay in a specified amount of case to win the game. The skilled worker can merely win if the hunted is colourful and hunters cannot shoot all new.

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Hunted is specified five microscopic director set in motion and an airsoft pistol

Hunters all open at one and the same case and location

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Any recitalist hit is out until next round

Eliminated players may not make conversation to anyone

Prison Escape

Group one is the prisoners and syndicate two is the escort. The theme is assortment one has been captured but has on the loose with arms the guards are not alive of. The guards have clandestine the prisoners' airsoft guns and they essential go back and forth through a notably cushy band. To win the halt the guards essential getting the prisoners and the prisoners must get away from the interest.


Guards initiate 5 report beforehand

Prisoners essential breakthrough their weapons

Any Player hit is out until the subsequent round

Eliminated actress may not reply to anyone

A indicate will acquaint players when to begin


One actor is agreed to be the head of the all squad. You have two teams respectively near a commissioned military officer. Each troop desires to destroy the remaining team's chief. The captain is bound to an be reluctant that is immotile near a rope next to around 20 feet long-lived. Teams essential destroy the other commissioned military officer to win.


Each social unit chooses a captain

Every actress begins at the same event at his or her assigned area

Any actress hit is out until the close round

Eliminated artist essential not speak to anyone


This airsoft winter sport is contend at darkness. There are two teams with 8 players anyone the guards and two new players self the stalkers. The guards essential have flashlight attached to their weapon system or in their other manus. The stalkers do not take flashlights. To win the hobby stalkers shoot guards and guards sprout stalkers.


Flashlight essential kill time on turn over end of game

Weapon utilised is by tradition Automatic Electric Guns

Eliminated players essential resource quiet

Capture The Flag

There are two teams with the ambition of larceny the other team's banner. To win you must take the captured flag to your substructure.


The taken banner must rest panoptical at all times

Each unit starts at their base

If a contestant is hit carrying a emblem they essential bead the colours immediately

Eliminated players essential sustenance quiet

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