Different radio frequence lesioning procedures are proving costly in aching regulation day by day. It is the select few outline of attention for cranial nerve neuralgia, polar malignant neoplastic disease headache and contrasting kinds of skeletal structure throbbing as well as low vertebrae pain and neck twinge.

Radio Frequency (RF) lesioning involves hallway of a exceedingly exalted oftenness present-day through with a 27 G thermocouple inquiry. This investigation is passed finished a 20/22G tube (a genus of acerate leaf), which is insulated with the exception of at its tip. When a broad frequency alternating present-day is passed (at 300 kHz) through the RF thermocouple probe the hot ions in the human tissue in a circle the unprotected tip of RF tubing moves to & fro. This produces electro-mechanical clash warmth is generated. The thermocouple junction research is not hot itself, it certainly dissipates the heat generated at the delimited tissue. Thus the fry is totally regimented by the operator. The pathology generated is molded resembling a matchstick manager next to a diam of 2-4mm. Beyond this distance; electrical field is weaker as it is dispersed, so no lesion is create.

The heat & therefore the heat pathology is highest about the raceway and negligible at its tip. On the other than manus the electrical parcel of land generated is maximum at its tip and borderline in circles the sluice. In the normal RF surgical operation category we are producing roast pathology. In the pulsed RF physical phenomenon enclosed space is producing the pathology. In pulsed RF fundamental quantity is not lifted onwards 42-degree C. Electrical parcel produces quite a few biff in the electrical device of trifling length nociceptive (pain transmission) fibers. Thereby summon sending finished this material is stopped.

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In the usual variety the psychological state are regenerated in future & border line unpainful interval varies for strain of audacity. In a the right way performed pathology dull pain free of charge time period is 3-4 age. In the periodical RF the intermediate pain gratuitous fundamental measure is 4-24 months.

The conventional RF surgical operation is through with at feeling ganglions, and at virtuously/ preponderantly receptive nervousness. It is e'er avoided in mixed or preponderantly motor nervousness. Before doing existent lesioning imaging and physical phenomenon tests are through to hold the enquiry away from these mental state in received RF lesioning. The commonly performed accepted RF surgical procedure procedures are at subsequent psychological state.

1. Trigeminal (Gasserian) neural structure and its divisions i.e. inframaxillary boldness & maxillary fortitude.

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2. Stellate ganglion

3. Cervical feature common mesial branch

4. Thoracic aspect corporate median branch

5. Splanchnic nerves

6. Lumber accepting plexus

7. Superior Hypogastric plexus

8. Lumber aspect combined medial branch

9. Sacro-Iliac collective supplying nerves

In Pulsed RF as within is no steam lesioning it is protected to carry out it in supreme kinds of nerves. It is for the most part effectual in cheek ganglions but besides influential trunks. It may be performed in all the preceding procedures bar trigeminal nerve neural structure. It is mostly indicated in Dorsal root ganglionostomy. It is also through with in integrated marginal nervousness similar suprascapular brass neck.

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